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दोहोरिने दुःख​ 

August 19, 2018 with Bhola Paswan for Himal Khabarpatrika

कोशी तट्बन्ध भत्केको एक दशक्पछि नेपालले पनि भारतले गरेको गल्ती दोहोर्याउँदैछ​


Explainer: Why embankments won’t solve Nepal’s flood woes

August 17, 2018 with Bhola Paswan for Himal Southasian

An explainer about what embankments (levees) are, why they are inappropriate for many Himalayan rivers, and why they nonetheless continue to be built.


Sediment and Solutions (Part 3 of Third Pole series)

August 17, 2018 with Bhola Paswan for The Third Pole

Heavy river sediment loads make embankments (levees) inappropriate on many Himalayan rivers.  A look at some alternatives to embankments.


Embankments Enter Nepal (Part 2 of Third Pole series)

August 16, 2018 with Bhola Paswan for The Third Pole

Nepal has built nearly 900 kilometers of embankments (levees) over the past three decades, many of which breach on a routine basis.


A Dammed History of the Koshi (Part 1 of Third Pole series)

August 15, 2018 with Bhola Paswan for The Third Pole, republished by BloombergQuint and The Wire

A look at the history of embankment (levee) building in India and Nepal.


#MeToo in the Deukhuri Valley

July 2018 issue of ECS Nepal

Through film, a Nepali village begins to grapple with domestic violence.

Photo courtesy Esan Bhusal


Debt and Deadlines

April 28, 2018 for The Kathmandu Post

There has been important progress in post-earthquake housing reconstruction over the last year, but at what cost?



Nepal’s Desperate Race to Rebuild

April 25, 2018 for The Diplomat

Saddled with debt and deadlines, Nepal’s earthquake victims scramble to rebuild their homes.



After the Flood: Nepal’s Slow Recovery

March 22, 2018 with Bhola Paswan for The Diplomat

Amid decentralization, Nepal has been slow to recover from the devastating 2017 floods.


On Gender And Social Inclusion, Nepal’s Politics Has A Long Way To Go

Feb 25, 2018 with Bhola Paswan for The Wire

Despite political reservation systems, Nepali women, Dalits and other marginalised groups remain severely under represented.


As Nepal Strives to Become More Inclusive, Are Muslims Being Left Behind?

Jan 30, 2018 for World Politics Review

One year after an episode of anti-Muslim violence, Nepal’s Muslim communities continue to struggle to assert themselves in politics and society.


The Rise of Nepal’s Left Alliance

Jan 29, 2018 for The Diplomat

From foreign policy to domestic development, how much change will the Left Alliance bring?

Photo courtesy Flickr/ Feisal Ramon.

Nepali Muslim Leaders Question Own Parties’ Commitment to Inclusion

Jan 28, 2018 for The Wire

Under-represented in politics and often invisible in conceptions of national identity, not a single Muslim candidate has been fielded by any party in the upcoming national assembly elections.


Almond Orchards in Everest’s Shadow

Dec 25, 2017 for The Diplomat

A look at changing mountain livelihoods in Nepal.


As Nepal joins UN Human Rights Council, activists call out domestic abuses but also see hope

November 3, 2017 with Praveen Kumar Yadav for The Wire

As Nepal accedes to a prestigious position on the UNHRC, activists hope the country can be held to greater scrutiny.

Photo courtesy Flickr/ kashmir voice


Nepali children’s book receives international honour

October 29, 2017 for The Kathmandu Post

Review of a new bilingual children’s book based on a Tibetan folktale.

Flood recovery plan set to exclude tenant farmers

September 23, 2017 with Bhola Paswan for The Kathmandu Post.

While the government announced a Rs 1.25 billion agricultural recovery package, this aid is unlikely to reach farmers because they lack formal documentation certifying tenancy.



Madhes issues put on hold as Nepal’s Janakpur prepares for local elections

September 17, 2017 for The Wire

Discussions with locals about elections in Janakpur.


Nepal’s flood recovery set to exclude the most marginalized

September 14, 2017 with Bhola Paswan for The Wire

Government aid for agricultural recovery is set to go to landowners rather than tenant farmers.


Bollywood meets Nepali nationalism

August 23, 2017 for The Diplomat

Why has a fan club in Kathmandu drawn critique for idolizing an Indian actor?


Floods devastate Nepal’s southern plains

August 18, 2017 with Bhola Paswan for The Diplomat

A look at the causes, consequences, and responses to the flooding in the Terai region.


From waiting tables to leading Leos

July 31, 2017 for The Kathmandu Post

An interview with Chand Iraki, the first Muslim country-wide president for Leo Clubs, the youth division of Lions Clubs International.


Nepal’s trial-by-election

June 28, 2017 for The Diplomat

The second phase of Nepal’s local elections tested both the new constitution and the country’s vision.


In the Heart of Nepal’s Madhes Movement

June 27, 2017 with Bhola Paswan for The Wire, republished by South Asia Journal

The Madhesis continue to struggle to amend the constitution, even as they long to feel like they belong in Nepal.


Nepal: Elections at the epicenter

May 19, 2017 for The Diplomat

Two years after major earthquakes rocked the country, a Nepali family makes a 30-hour journey to cast their ballots.


Freed from bondage, ready to vote

May 8, 2017 for The Record

Seventeen years after emancipation, many ex-kamaiyas prepare to vote in local elections for the first time.


Thamel by rickshaw

May 1, 2017 with Benjamin Linder for ECS Nepal

Conversations with rickshaw drivers in Kathmandu’s nightlife neighborhood.


Maleth: a mourning village, a dead industrial estate

March 29, 2017 with Bhola Paswan for The Record 

Amid poverty and unemployment, the village reels after police forces killed five Madhesi protesters earlier this month.


The police and paramilitary biased against us: Saptari locals

March 22, 2017 with Bhola Paswan for The Record

Relationships deteriorate after police forces killed five Madhesi protesters in the district.


Days and nights in Nepalgunj

March 1, 2017 for The Record

Life, politics, and identity in a border city.


Memories of Banepa

January 20, 2017 for M&S V-mag

Stories about my mother and her former students from Peace Corps days.


Koilabas: a town left behind

Nov 19, 2016 for The Record

Along the Nepal-India border lies a place where history runs deep, but the future is uncertain.


The water bringers

April 27, 2016 for The Record

Irrigation and indigenous self-government on Nepal’s largest island.


From Nepalgunj to Chiang Mai and back

March 17, 2015 for The Record

An interview with a former Nepal women’s cricket champion.


Betel mania

Jan 11, 2015 for The Record

How one man’s passion has led to a lifetime of innovation.


Banepali jatra

May 23, 2014 for The Kathmandu Post

The festival of the goddess Chandeshwori in Banepa, Nepal.


Bio-intensive in Banepa

October 5, 2013 for The Kathmandu Post

Reflections on an organic farming training.


Academic writing

The politics of land reform in Nepal: 1951-1964

Original article published in 2009 in Studies in Nepali History and Society; subsequently revised in 2015.  Due to be published in forthcoming book published by Martin Chautari.

An analysis of the political process leading to King Mahendra’s land reform program.


A day in the life of a PCV

March 26, 2011

Life as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal.


A brush with celebrity

May 27, 2011

Meeting Senegal’s most famous wrestler.


In Italian

Dopo le alluvioni in Nepal la ripresa è lenta

November 3, 2017 con Bhola Paswan per Internazionale


Il Nepal al voto per ricominciare

June 16, 2017 per Internazionale

Da Kathmandu a un villaggio devastato dal sisma del 2015. Ilritorno a casa di una famiglia per votare alle prime amministrative dal 1997.


La città nella giungla

March 3, 2017 per Internazionale

Koilabas, tra Nepal e India, era un nodo commerciale molto importante. Ma da quando lì vicino passa un’autostrada è un luogo abbandonato.